Request an Irish dance performance!

Would you like an Irish Dance Performance at your event? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a performance, or call her at 505 866-5867.

About Our Performances

Our dancers are asked to perform at many venues throughout the greater Albuquerque area throughout the entire year.  Once dancers have learned their dances they may choose to participate in these performances.  Dancers perform at Celtic and Irish festivals, schools, churches, Kirtland AFB, nursing homes, senior centers, community centers, and other locations.  Often the performance earns ISDNM a nominal donation to help offset costs—a primary source of funds for ISDNM.  In Mid-March, of course, our school is typically booked for as many as half a dozen performances in a single day.  The remainder of the year usually averages 1-2 performances a month.  Participation in performances is not required, but we have found that performing instills confidence and a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the dancers and parents. It is encouraged because the dancers have so much fun and the audience always loves them.  In addition, it gives them additional practice, especially if there is a competition coming up for them.

Would you like an Irish Dance Performance at your event? Email Bev Coleman to arrange a performance, or call her at 505 866-5867.

Performance Guidelines

Dancers represent the school in public. Consequently, a dancer should be appropriately and modestly dressed, presenting themselves as a positive role model in the public square.

Performances are not necessarily affiliated with ISDNM (Irish Step Dancers of New Mexico, a 501(c)3).

All performances come through the ISDNM Performance Scheduler for numerous reasons:

  • To ensure there are no time conflicts.
  • To ensure there are no dancer conflicts, and all performances will have enough dancers to fill the set lists.
  • To keep track of donations for IRS purposes.
  • So that requests of clients can be taken into account and communicated to the dancers through standardized channels.

Music and Set Lists

Coleman Academy instructors will choose the set list and music for each performance.

Set lists are distributed via email to all dancers signed up for the performance at least two days in advance

Set list will include details of the performance, to include:

  • Location, time of arrival, and length of performance.
  • Contact person and phone number at the performance.
  • Lead dancer name and phone number.
  • Any additional pertinent information necessary.

Set list, which includes dances to be performed and which dancer is performing each; if figures, states which dancers are partners.

Required Costume

The teacher, or approved delagate, is the person in charge at the performance.

Performance Costumes

Costumes are defined for each level of dancer to ensure that all dancers are dressed appropriately, in a modest fashion, and no dancer feels out of place in the group. There are to be no alterations to any of these costumes unless specified by the teacher. Each dancer has the responsibility to have their complete costume with them at the time of a performance. Patterns, fabrics and further information including available seamstresses may be obtained by contacting the Costume Chairman. Hem length is to be no shorter than fingertip length and no longer than 2” above the floor when dancer is kneeling.

Beginner performance/competition costume – black skirt for girls, pants for boys, with white long sleeved purple shirt and bow for girls, tie for boys. Girls should also wear flash pants under the skir and poodle socks. This costume for girls may be replaced by the intermediate performance dress as listed below. This costume for boys is standard regardless of dancer level.

Intermediate to Championship performance costume – purple dress with lace sleeves, gold scarf, black tights, and flash pants.

Proper dance shoes are required at performances (hard shoes and ghillies). If you do not have proper footwear, see your instructor.